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Cancer and Superfoods

As Featured on Dr. Oz: Cancer and Superfoods

By Susan Evans, MD

What IS a Superfood? A Superfood is the newest name scientists, nutritionists, and doctors have tagged onto foods with an especially “good for you” reputation! Most superfoods are in the fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds categories. They have extremely high nutritional values, and some of their chemicals have been found to reduce the effect of certain disease processes.

Do Superfoods really help prevent cancer? It gives me great pleasure tell you that many superfoods do indeed prevent cancer.

Below is only a partial list; see full list on the website:

Top superfoods and how they affect cancer in humans:

  Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts, Cruciferous vegetables – Men who eat broccoli 4 times a week have proven that their prostate cancer diminishes. Similar effects have been found when cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are eaten. Of note, broccoli sprouts have been shown to demonstrate 20 times the cancer fighting properties of plain broccoli!

  Tomatoes – Lycopene is the key ingredient in tomatoes and its benefits are even greater when tomatoes are cooked, so pasta sauces, pizza sauces, etc. are especially good. Studies have identified progress in the areas of prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer. The FDA is currently disputing these studies (all 72 of them), but most experts believe that the FDA's study is flawed.

   Tumeric – This yellow spice found mainly in Indian curries is curcumin that is considered to be a very powerful antioxidant. It has been proven to prevent and slow tumor growth, and it only takes about 1 teaspoon a day to have an effect. Try adding this to dressings, soups, and your main dishes. A word of warning, if you already have cancer, talk to your doctor before adding tumeric to your diet as it can make your anti-cancer drugs less effective.

Turmeric is used in all of the soups made by Cobblestone Foods as it is one of the ingredients in our vegetarian seasoning.  Broccoli is our most popular soup, and we have two tomato soups – Tomato Asparagus and Tomato and Black olive.



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