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Nut Consumption and the Relationship to Inflammation

If ingredients in Cobblestone's soups are examined, you will see powerhouse foods that support good health and longevity.  Making Cobblestone vegan soups with nuts rather than dairy or thickening agents (such as gluten) is not by accident.  Much scholarly research has been done on the health benefits of nuts. 

In the July Issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2016), study findings revealed an association between nut consumption and inflammation.  Using 5013 participants that included men and women in the United States, the study investigated habitual nut consumption and the relationship to inflammation; subjects substituted 3 servings of nuts/wk for 3 servings of red meat, processed meat, eggs, or refined grains/wk. Findings revealed that a greater intake of nuts was associated with lower amounts of inflammation.  

Source: Am J Clin Nutr ajcn134205; First published online July 27, 2016. doi:10.3945/ajcn.116.134205. Accessed 7/28/16 from

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